Effexor: A Drug For The Treatment Of Depression

There are various benefits of Effexor, but various patients complaints that they feel exhaustion and unmotivated while they use Effexor medicine. It raises the risk of agitation and anxiety. Many persons feel it more effective, but they are especially effective for those, which use it for the treatment-resistance of depression. Effexor is not effective for those, who use other antidepressant medicine prior to Effexor. It is also one of the medicines which decreases the effects of "Hot flashes" in women menopausal. cipro no prescription

Effectiveness Of Effexor: A study conducted on the use and effectiveness of Effexor in 2009, which shows that among six prescribed antidepressants, it is a best one and widely used medicine. But it was found too that the response of this medicine differ from individual to individual. The studies show that, Effexor used for various purposes such as substantial weight loss, for the cure of depression, general anxiety disorder and social phobia of adults. Isotretinoin No Prescription But manufacturers recommended to not using Effexor as anorectic, either alone or with the combination of phetermine or amphetamine, as it was hazardous for health.

Side Effects Of Effexor: The major disadvantage of Effexor is the lack of sexual desire. It is very unnatural and disturbing side effect of Effexor. Moreover, it increases the blood pressure, so it is not effective for the personnel having a problem of blood pressure. Effexor is only best for adults and hazardous for children. In order to avoid any hazards and acute attach, it is important to take precautions before use. The generalized effects of Effexor are not known, as Buy Cipro online in some individuals it raises the depression and anxiety. In the pack of Effexor, a black box warning is present. This warning is also present on the boxes of other antidepressants such as SSRI and SSRN. As mentioned above that Effexor is good for depression, but the presence of black box warn physicians to check the patient carefully, when start Effexor or change its dosage for suicide risk. Moreover Buy Cialis no prescription, doctors should inform the family members about this fatal side effect of Effexor. Moreover, they should advice them for surveillance and protection, bring the patient immediately in to hospital in case of emergency. Effexor is also not good for patients that engaged in any mental disorder or having comordib disorders such as borderline personality disorder.

Potential Danger Of Effexor: In some cases, Effexor can be used to cure the different depressions phases such as dipoler disorder. If the patients of dipoler disorder are not treated with mood stabilizer, then they have potential danger of mania, rapid cycling, psychosis and mixed status with Effexor. Serotonin syndrome is also caused by Effexor. It is very hazardous and dangerous disorder. Basically, it is produced by the interaction of Effexor with other drugs. It is potentially Buy Premarin No Prescription dangerous for adults. Other disorders that are caused by Effexor are insomnia, sleepiness, vertigo, nausea, dizziness, sweating and dry mouth. Furthermore, Effexor also increased blood pressure and sexual dysfunction.