Diflucan For The Treatment Of Systemic Fungal Infections

In Mexico Diflucan is available over the counter in different names. Diflucan is also sold in the Gulf area in different name. Like other triazole and imidazole class anti-fungal, Diflucan also slows down the fungal cytochrome-P450. The activity of mammalian demethylase is not so sensitive to fluconazole, as it is sensitive to the fungal demethylase. This slow down process helps to prevent converting Cialis Professional lanosterol to ergosterol. Primarily it is fungistatic; it could be fungicidal with dose dependent manner.

Diflucan Usage: Diflucan can be used against many micro organisms. Diflucan can be absorbed completely just within two hours if it is taken orally. Concentrations measured in tears, urine, skin are about ten times the plasma-concentration; but the sputum, vaginal fluid, and saliva concentrations are about equal to plasma concentration; following the dose hundred mg to four hundred mg per day Buy Soma online. In clinical use, it is indicated that Diflucan is used for the treatment where other antifungal are not tolerated or failed. Diflucan can be used for the indications such as coccidioidomycosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, etc.

Diflucan Dosage: The dosage of Diflucan varies with indications and patient groups. There may be a course of two weeks 150 mg per day, or the course may be one hundred and fifty to three hundred mg once weekly. For severe infections higher doses are needed such as five hundred to six hundred mg per day. Even higher doses such as eight hundred mg per day are used for the treatment of meningitis. buy viagra for women

Precautions For Diflucan Usage: Diflucan is contraindicated in those patients who have hypersensitivity to azole medicine or taking terfenadine, or pregnancy. Like other medicines there are some precautions for the usage of Diflucan also. In human milk fluconazole is secreted, it is not recommended to use Diflucan in lactating mothers. Serious cardiac-arrhythmias may happen when the fluconazole therapy is associated with the QT-interval prolongation buy Propecia. Therefore, required precautions are necessary in such cases. Cautions should also be maintained in the patients who have liver disease. Cautions are necessary for those patients also who have allergies to azole drugs, they may have allergy to Diflucan also. If it is needed to use Diflucan in pregnant women, it is highly recommended that the treatment Buy prozac should be under experienced doctors. It is also recommended not to take Diflucan when taking cisapride. With cisapride, fluconazole may cause serious heart problems. Though it is rare, but the drug may cause severe liver damage which may result to death.

Side Effects Of Diflucan: If side effects like nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, unusual fatigue, yellow skin, yellow eyes, loss of appetite, dark urine, itching, clay-colored stools etc. are seen while using the drug you should immediately inform the doctor about the side effects. The symptoms might be signs to liver damage. If necessary precautions are not taken at right time serious problems may occur. Diflucan has many adverse effects, Buy Silvitra no prescription some are common, some are infrequent, and some are rare. Common and infrequent effects are stated earlier, the rare effects are hypokalaemia, oliguria, alopecia, seizures, thrombocytopenia, hepatic failure, etc. Very rare effects are torsades-de-pointes, prolonged-QT-interval, etc. Buy Zovirax